As the preferred technology patch by healthcare providers, the IDION patch will start with individual sectors and expand exponentially.

5 million

5 million Americans suffer congestive heart failure annually. For cardiac patients sent home after surgery, current RPM solutions are prohibitively expensive.

50 million

50 million Americans suffer post- operative complications each year, and 1.5 million die from complications, many of which could have been mitigated through RPM.

16 million

16 million US adults suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) each year. These patients have a 30 day readmission rate of 22.6%.

The Innovative IDION patch
accurately tracks and monitors:

Zero cost product

$190 in new hospital revenue per patient

Costs associated with the IDION post-discharge program are 100% reimbursable through Medicare and secondary insurance – with no out of pocket expense to a hospital. In addition, hospitals can gather new revenue of $190 per patient by analyzing the patch’s remote monitoring data for 60 minutes.

“We love it! It’s so much easier than the wristband. Patients like the patch because it’s comfortable, which makes staff love it too.”

Northwell Health, New York State

“It takes a really long time to verify information with the traditional hospital wristband. The patch has reduced that time significantly.”

Northwell Health, New York State

“It’s much easier than a wristband to work with and scan. There’s no twisting, turning, or maneuvering.”

Northwell Health, New York State