INTRODUCING the idion disc™

Our solution is designed around the idion disc™ (“ID”), a thin, hypoallergenic, water/dirt resistant, non-hackable, flexible, skin-adherent, highly biocompatible device with a built-in NFC (near field communications) capability. The idion disc™ is essentially imperceptible when worn and links the wearer to a universe of identity specific content and data that can be accessed with a standard smartphone.

Our patented technology helps you create more engaging experiences, simplify access and credentials and collect and analyze data in real time.

  • Access and Logistics
  • Engagement
  • Revenue Generation
  • Data Collection and Analytics

Secure Credentialing & Access

  • Secure Authentication at Venue Entrances / Exits
  • High Security Protocol and Counterfeit Protection
  • Grant Selective Access to VIP Events and Locations

Data Collection

  • Real-Time Experience and Engagement Information
  • Track Engagement with Partner and Sponsor Content
  • Use Collected Data to Prove ROI


  • Emergency Messaging to Inform / Direct Individuals
  • Instantly Identify / Locate Lost Individuals
  • Access User-Provided Contact and Health Information


  • Real-Time Communication and Location Solutions
  • Offer Opportunities to Win Prizes and Discounts
  • Update Event Schedule, Map and Instructions / Rules


  • Targeted Advertising Mechanism to Generate Revenue
  • Build New Sponsorship / Partnership Opportunities
  • Enhance Advertising Based on Time / Location

Mobile Applications

  • Integrate with Existing Mobile Apps and Websites
  • Drive Traffic to Partner and Sponsor Mobile Content
  • Cashless Purchases with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

How it works

Remove Backing

Exposure adhesive and apply right below the wrist on the underside of the arm.

Remove frame

Once applied remove the frame, leaving only the Disc™.

Scan & stay connected

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