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How it Works


Simply peel off the backing and apply to the skin.


Tap a smartphone (iOS or Android) device to activate.


Connect the wearer to a designated internet platform/content.


Gain permission-based engagement and data from all IDION wearers.

We Create Engaging Experiences, Simplify

Access, And Help Collect/Analyze Data

IDION is the technology company that has brought wearable skin ID technology to healthcare, lifestyle events and more. Our products and services not only impart accurate identification for safety and optimized outcomes in healthcare — they also enable curated, highly personalized experiences for almost any type of venue — from business to entertainment and beyond. IDION technology is continually expanding to include the latest networks, security protocols, and advanced data-access solutions.

Let us create a customized solution for you.

  • Secure & non-transferable
  • FDA-compliant & biocompatible
  • Skin-applied & comfortable
  • Experience-enhancing
  • Secure Credentialing & AccessSecure Credentialing & Access
  • Data CollectionData Collection
  • SafetySafety
  • CommunicationCommunication
  • AdvertisingAdvertising
  •  Mobile applicationsMobile Applications

The Hospital Wristband is History

One of the most important one-to-one experiences is being a patient. The IDION Patient ID Shield® is a non-transferrable, skin-applied, HIPAA-compliant, biocompatible patient identification system that connects critical patient data to healthcare professionals, family members and care teams providing:

Enhanced Security

Patient data can be accessed by authorized care provider(s).

Real-time data is transmitted via secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud technology.

Non-transferable between patients and other individuals.

Connects real-time clinical data to meet the needs of various medical teams.

Heightened Comfort

FDA-compliant, hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

Incredibly thin, flexible, breathable and self-adhering for up to 5-7 days.

Unobtrusive and virtually undetectable to the patient.

Extremely Practical

Easy to read and does not require removal for certain surgeries.

Replaces traditional barcodes for medication and other applications.

Provides HIPAA-compliant connectivity to medical information improving patient care, hospital workflow and overall efficiencies.

Optimizes overall in-facility care, and as well as during the transition from hospital to home.


Clinical Trials

Preferred by hospital patients in various clinical trials.*

Outpatient or Emergency Room

Enables on-demand access to outpatient care instructions, prescription information, and more.

*Based on 2019 IDION clinical trials.

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Curate the V.I.P. experience for every attendee

IDION takes experiential marketing to the next level by providing customized, one-to-one experiences. Sponsors of concerts, sporting events, festivals, trade events and more, gain opt-in data from each individual wearer in exchange for value-added offers.

IDION delivers robust content, promotional opportunities and increased consumer engagement — while providing connectivity to designated third-party platforms, customized messaging and more.

Discover how IDION lets you:

Curate and personalize the experience for each attendee.

Accept cashless payments and enable to eCommerce.

Simplify collection of opt-in/permission-based data.

Track critical information and assess ROI.

Enhance wearability and eliminate ID transfers.


Branded Events

Enrich every experience with IDION and one-to-one connectivity.


Provide V.I.P. access with tiered security levels and personalized experiences.


Manage visitor access with enhanced security.

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Immediate Peace of Mind

The IDION Security ID Shield is a solution like no other. Our patented, ultra-thin, skin-applied, biocompatible shield was designed specifically for athletic camps to corporate campuses. The IDION Security ID Shield provides wearer-specific data, secure identification and access to medical information in the event of an emergency, simply by scanning with an authorized device.

Discover how the IDION Security ID Shield lets you:

Identify the wearer and provides immediate access to their information.

Aggregate and connects critical info in any situation, including emergency settings.

Heighten access to wearer-specific information as needed.



Securely connects to wearer’s health and medical records in the event of an emergency.


Quickly identifies critical information of each individual wearer.

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