Remote patient
monitoring isn’t a luxury.
It’s a necessity.

Hospital readmissions, often spurred by an inability to monitor patients past discharge, cause 86% of US hospitals to lose up to 3% of Medicare payments. COVID-19 presents an immediate challenge as patient readmission rates are 20% in the US, and up to 30% in the UK. IDION’s discreet, low cost, skin-applied Shield makes remote patient monitoring available for all.

Costs associated with the IDION post-discharge program are 100% reimbursable through Medicare and secondary insurance – with no out-of-pocket expense to a hospital, while providing hospitals the opportuity to generate new revenue.

New hospital revenue is generated per patient per month through CMS CPT codes associated with RPM treatment management.


Northwell Health*
COVID-19 Pilot

October 2019 – November 2020

  • IDION Shields deployed on over 35,000 patients to date
  • Patient, nurse, and clinical staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive
  • Hospital continued to use IDION Shield technology throughout COVID-19
  • 80% clinician preference for the IDION Shield over traditional wristbands
  • Proof of concept achieved through V0 Pilot

* Northwell Health is New York State’s largest healthcare system

Remote Monitoring is the Future

44% of hospitals have or plan to adopt RPM within 12 months

Over 75% of hospitals predict that RPM usage will be on-par or exceed in-patient monitoring in 5 years

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