IDION’s market leading low cost identification and real-time monitoring platform will address the insatiable demand for continuous data in healthcare.

In comparison to comparable technologies, IDION offers a lower unit cost with EHR integration, robust sensor capability, and early warning systems. IDION’s expansive patent portfolio provides us with a robust barrier-to-entry. Our proprietary technology allows for:

Form Factor

Production Cost





The Innovative IDION Shield will accurately tracks and monitors:

  • Temperature

  • Patient Identity

  • Geo-Location

  • EMR Data Integration

  • *Heart Rate

  • *Pulse Ox

  • *Respiratory Rate

  • *Movement

  • *Body Weight

*Currently in development

Proprietary Technology.
Game Changing Advantages.

Secure Real-time Data

Real-time clinical data is transmitted via secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud technology to meet the needs of various medical teams.

Comfortable Skin Applied Shield

Incredibly thin, flexible, breathable and self-adhering for up to 16 days. Non-transferable between patients and other individuals.

HIPAA Compliant

Provides HIPAA-compliant connectivity to medical information improving patient care, hospital workflow and overall efficiencies.

Optimization of Patient Care

Optimizes overall in-facility care, and as well as during the transition from hospital to homes.

HIPAA Compliancy

All patient information syncs through the IDION cloud, a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform to the existing hospital’s EMR system, creating a single aggregate view of historic and current patient data.

IDION Products

Infant Shield

A smart, RFID enabled ID shield to replace the hospital wrist band


Patient ID and continuous temperature monitoring with Bluetooth


*Currently in development

Patient ID and continuous pulse-ox, respiratory rate, heart rate, and temperature with Bluetooth.


IDION will meet FDA standards, ensuring providers that they can provide the highest standard of care for all patients*

IDION’S patented capabilities in frangibility and non-transferability allow for greater protection against fraud

*Idion is currently seeking FDA approval, however, this timeline should not impact revenue timelines as hospitals can seek reimbursement for devices that meet FDA Standards